The artist Renatė Lušis leads art therapy club "Modus Vivendi"
that is located in the Hospital for the mentally ill in Klaipeda. She says:
"Art therapy can add great harmony to life"

love needs no authority except itself
We trust that there is no such thing as no chance.

The things that we love tell us what we are
Saint Thomas Aquinas


homeless cat

while I was looking through my window, a homeless cat was drowsing under the sun. I quickly run out, pick up the cat and uplifted him. As I cuddle the cat, my breast was flooded with the incredible warmth, but the cat fearfully mewled, he not rejoiced at the unexpectedly received security in my shelter, but was in a fear. What were my true intentions? Did I care for the homeless, or just wanted the love from other for a free?
Many of us need help, but does anybody rejoice over the forced charity? Just think. Though my penny may help a poor make his bread, yet the charity don't provide the security out of itself. The alms enslave the receiver and makes the poor the beggars. Thus the acts of kindness may turn upside down. Does it mean the generosity don't exist at all? No, it is not so. Yet the acceptance of the goodness is harder than endure the hurricane. Because we need the faith that can't be trained through gym.
I let the cat run away and my grateful look followed him for a long. I was taught the great lesson: the acts of kindness happen when our left hand is unaware about the works of the right. We either love or muse about the profit of the love and then earn then curse for the pharisaic attitude.

The acts of kindness are the sunbeans that make us happy on a beach, but the sun can painfully burn us in case we misuse the heavenly grace.