The artist Renatė Lušis leads art therapy club "Modus Vivendi"
that is located in the Hospital for the mentally ill in Klaipeda. She says:
"Art therapy can add great harmony to life"

love needs no authority except itself
We trust that there is no such thing as no chance.

The things that we love tell us what we are
Saint Thomas Aquinas


the unexpected fruits

“Fear is the anticipation of PAIN!” - T Harv Eker

Wow, is it possible to say better than it was put by T Harv Eker?! It looks that any musing on that theme would be just the needles wording. Therefore the reality just confuses. There are lots of wise quotes and the great army of the well educated, but the pain doesn't vanish from sight therefore. It is otherwise. The growing numbers of the incurables threatens. While it is good to know how it is easy to live the healthy life , but let's question ourselves, how does such talk would sound to the disabled? Denying of the pain can just increase the abyss between the healthy youth and the elderly who need the care.
In the light of above, lets look at pain once more.

While fear is anticipation of pain, the pain puts us into the readiness to receive the comfort from our fellows. Such way the pain makes the incurables the giants of the gratitude. That's hard to believe but the pain fires the smiles by changing our outlook on other and selves. Pain opens the eyes and awakens the love and it heals us from ourselves.

Let's remind Carl Jung. He has said "one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious"
Art therapy perfectly illustrates that theory - makes the thoughts the pictures that you see on Modus Vivendi blog.