The artist Renatė Lušis leads art therapy club "Modus Vivendi"
that is located in the Hospital for the mentally ill in Klaipeda. She says:
"Art therapy can add great harmony to life"

love needs no authority except itself
We trust that there is no such thing as no chance.

The things that we love tell us what we are
Saint Thomas Aquinas


mystery of love

7 Wonders of the World are listed here and here... they inhabit our diaries everywhere. In short, 7 Wonders of the World may be described as human capacities to see, to hear, to touch, to taste, to feel, to laugh and to love . These are the different miracles but reveal the same spirit that blossoms at Egypt’s Great Pyramids and China’s Great Wall and sits us back in awe in St. Peter’s Basilica . The failure to discern that produces a mess and puts us in despair. That’s why there are just 7 Wonders, while they should be recognized in every single our step.