The artist Renatė Lušis leads art therapy club "Modus Vivendi"
that is located in the Hospital for the mentally ill in Klaipeda. She says:
"Art therapy can add great harmony to life"

love needs no authority except itself
We trust that there is no such thing as no chance.

The things that we love tell us what we are
Saint Thomas Aquinas



Life of the disabled would look hopeless if not the internet. Blogging helps the jobless to forget their sickbeds by providing the perfect space to share the gratitude for being alive in spite of all. That’s the refreshing fragrance of wild flowers that uplifts the spirit and makes the life worthy the living. The disability restricts us to passive living on donations, but the internet makes us free again - opens the door into the wonderland of sharing our artworks in spite of all.
Wow, all I need is just a powerful laptop and the software to it, but that cost much more than my disability pension allows me to dream about.
My dear, your generosity may help to solve my problems. If you like what you saw on this blog, please help me to share the pictures of the dreamland.
Your money remittance of any amount will be like the safety belt for the lonely swimmer in life’s ocean.
I am eagerly looking forward to your email of support. Thank you.