The artist Renatė Lušis leads art therapy club "Modus Vivendi"
that is located in the Hospital for the mentally ill in Klaipeda. She says:
"Art therapy can add great harmony to life"

love needs no authority except itself
We trust that there is no such thing as no chance.

The things that we love tell us what we are
Saint Thomas Aquinas


good news

Finally the silence broken through the walls. Art therapy club Modus Vivendi was featured by the site of Online Schools. We were included in the honorable list. The hot 'Thank you!' came out of my heart. Beauty of the flowers was rescued from the fate to wither up in ignorance. That was like taking a sip of fresh air. Thus I joyfully looked around and took a photo you see below.
These look like the art of the paper-crafts, yet that's the love that is located above dark floor of the hospital for the people with the psychiatric disorders. Isn't it symbolical?

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